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Stable operation under high-speed, high-nip conditions.

Shoe Press Belts

Yamabelt shoe press belts improve dewatering efficiency in the press part of the papermaking process, and ensure stable, long-term operation.

Shoe Press Belts
  • Yamauchi supplies next-generation shoe press belts to respond to advanced users.

    The shoe press is becoming an essential component for achieving papermaking machines that are faster and more energy-efficient and also for improving the quality of the paper produced. Therefore, the requirements for shoe press belts under such critical conditions are diversifying and advancing.
    Yamauchi applied its advanced polyurethane development capability and processing technology, which were accumulated more than 50 years, and successfully developed next-generation shoe press belts with dramatically improved durability, reliability, dewatering performance and other characteristics. Yamabelt is highly acclaimed by users all over the world.


High Wear Resistance Achieved by Superb Polyurethane Processing Technology.

We use our time-proven polyurethane development technology in order to improve the resistance against crack propagation and abrasion. Combined with the robust base fabric, this successfully extends the product life. Yamabelt provides high reliability over a long period of time even in high-speed, high-pressure operating conditions.

Superb Yamauchi Processing Know-how Allows Us to Propose a Variety of Groove design.

Maximizing our extensive groove processing know-how, we propose various groove design including intermittent grooves according to operating conditions, thus achieving excellent water squeezing performance.

Shoe Press Belts
SR Type, SRR Type, UR Type, URR Type
  • Our thorough sales and technical service cover customer needs in all phases, from the pre-installation design stage to periodic inspections after product delivery.
  • We also offer combination specifications to reduce shoe edge cracking. (Patented)
  • We use superb processing techniques and special groove cutting blades to control the groove surface roughness in order to improve the dewatering performance. (Patented)

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