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The new, cost-effective cushioning material making paper a thing of the past.

Top Board

Automate your processes, improve work efficiency, and boost heat press productivity with Top Board series single-cushion materials.

YOM & Top Board
  • Cushion Materials that Surpass Paper Help to Streamline Production.

    Cushion materials are used during heat pressing. However, conventional paper cushioning presented a number of problems. For example, it could only be used once, and it couldn’t be automatically conveyed because it had to be used in several layers. Top Board, which was the industry’s first single-cushion material and was developed by Yamauchi in 1960, has solved these problems. And now, with the addition of YOM (Yamauchi Original Mat), which exceeds the performance of Top Board, the lineup is even larger. As a leading company for single-cushion materials, Yamauchi is meeting the diverse needs of all industries.

Top Board Usage Examples


Single Cushion Materials and Top Board Have Boosted the Heat Press Productivity.

Top Board Configuration Example

Top Board is a single-cushion material that uses unique Yamauchi know-how to form composites of heat-resistant materials. Dozens of paper cushions must be set up at a time, making it necessary to count the number of cushions before each set up. With single-cushion materials, you only need to set up a single sheet. This means that vacuum conveying and other automated conveying processes can be used to greatly improve work efficiency. Also, unlike disposable paper cushion materials, Yamauchi’s Top Board can be continuously reused hundreds of times. And, in addition to lowering costs, environmental friendliness is achieved due to the reduction in waste.

Introducing the YOM (Patented) with Enhanced Performance That Surpasses Even Top Board.

YOM Material Configuration

Following its creation of single-cushion materials to replace paper, Yamauchi has now developed the YOM (Yamauchi Original Mat) for customers who require even more enhanced performance. Featuring improved uniformity, with little change in thickness during use and very little lowering of its cushioning properties, YOM cushioning material exceeds conventional single-cushion materials in virtually every aspect. It is highly acclaimed by customers who need high-grade cushion materials.

YOM’s excellent cushioning properties and cushioning restoration give it highly precise panel thickness, providing superior performance as a countermeasure for pressure irregularities, concave-convex tracking, and voids. Also, unlike paper cushioning, single-cushion materials do not cause contamination due to paper powder or generate harmful gases, and they can be used in temperatures up to 230°C. As such, single-cushion materials solve a variety of problems in pressing and laminating processes.

Recovery rate comparison graph
Recovery rate comparison table

Combine Optimal Materials to Match Usage Conditions.

The material combination for Yamauchi Top Board and YOM single-cushion materials can be changed to match your usage conditions. In this way, single-cushion materials have been used by various industries to solve compression and temperature irregularities in pressing and laminating processes for products such as printed circuit boards (CCL, MLB, FPC), cards, melamine boards, plywood, LCD, and solar cells. If your company has any problems with the cushioning materials that your are currently using, we hope you will consider using Top Board or YOM.

Combine Optimal Materials to Match Usage Conditions.
Top Board and YOM Specifications by Type
Grade Type Press Temperature Pressure Application
KN KN ~180℃ ~5Mpa MLB, PVC, Others (Melamine, plywood)
KNG ~180℃ ~15Mpa CCL, MLB, PVC, Others (Melamine, plywood)
Aramido SEE ~230℃ ~15Mpa CCL, MLB
Aramido/Fluorine Rubber FS ~210℃ ~5Mpa CCL, MLB
Fluorine Rubber F ~210℃ ~5Mpa MLB, FPC, Special Press Products
FB ~230℃ ~5Mpa FPC, Special Press Products
Z ~230℃ ~5Mpa MLB, FPC, Special Press Products
YOM YOM ~250℃ ~12Mpa CCL, MLB, Special Press Products

*Other types are also available to meet customer needs for temperature and pressure.

* Furthermore, we developed highly heat-resistant cushion and super highly heat-resistant cushion, which can be used in high temperature environment, and they are applicable to the 5G products, such as low dielectric circuit board for server or high frequency and low dielectric circuit board antenna.

Grade Type Press Temperature Pressure Application
YOM LD ~270℃ ~15Mpa CCL, MLB, Special Press Products
5G ~400℃ ~15Mpa CCL, MLB, Special Press Products

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